Why did my blog Alexa rank decrease even after an increase in the site traffic?

Why did my blog Alexa rank decrease even after an increase in the site traffic?

There were two reasons:

An increase in the site visitors who were non-bloggers and did not have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers.

There was a huge increase in the site visitors using their mobiles and tablets.

Now, believe it or not, these are some positive indications for my blog.

My blog has tapped into the mobile segment of web surfers, and this is a big treasure mine to explore!

However, did you know that most mobile browsers do not have the Alexa toolbar installed in them?

What? This will be a shocker to many bloggers out there – your mobile traffic is decreasing your Alexa rank!
Why did my blog Alexa rank decrease even after an increase in the site traffic?
Let me ask you – do you as a blogger or webmaster have installed the Alexa toolbar on your mobile browser?

After the blogging break, my Google Analytics stats show that most people are using the Safari browser to view my blog. And I suspect that these browsers are used to surf my blog without the Alexa toolbar in them.

My new site traffic was about 50% from mobile and 15% through tablet. The remaining 35% is from desktop (including laptop) users.

This means, 65% of my blog traffic does not have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser for sure. There’s also no guaranty that whole of the 35% desktop traffic too has the Alexa toolbar.

No wonder the Alexa ranking is bound to decline, since my mobile and tablet traffic increased by about 15% after my blogging break.

Other Factors That Affect Alexa Rank of Your Blog
Frankly, I’m not at all complaining because I’ve never cared all that much about Alexa Rank, Page Rank, and all those kinds of things. They keep changing ALL the time, just like Google!

I do not mind my blog Alexa rank dropping a bit, because I’ve found a new stream of traffic for my blog.

That is because my blog is a life and self-development blog, useful for just any person in the world, from any walk of life!

However, let me remind you that the Alexa-rank-rising traffic comes from bloggers, webmasters, advertising and Internet marketing professionals.

(for the simple fact that they have got the Alexa toolbar installed in their web browsers.)

If you want your blog Alexa rank to rise, then you need to do this:

  • Join blogging communities – more the better
  • Become an active member of blogger and Internet marketing forums
  • Visit blogs of popular bloggers and develop relationships with other bloggers
  • Adopt the policy of blog commenting
  • Share you posts with other bloggers and on the social media
  • Share the content of other bloggers and link out to them
  • Be consistent with blogging
  • Use SEO and keyword-rich quality content
  • Write content for bloggers and webmasters
  • Invite popular bloggers on your blog

Of course, you might be aware of the other ways like claiming your site on Alexa, putting the Alexa widget on your blog, writing review on Alexa, and other things that you read everywhere – though they may not really be that productive.

I emphasize on SEO because if you’re on Page 1 of Google, you have greater chances of attracting the Alexa toolbar installed surfers.

However, I will also give you an example of how influencers visiting or promoting your blog can help increase the Alexa rank of your blog.

On May 30, 2014, I posted the interview with Harsh Agrawal on my blog.

The fact that it invited many new bloggers to my blog, and may be because +Harsh Agarwal himself promoted this post, I had a sudden hike in my blog’s Alexa ranking.

I call this the “Harsh Effect”!

This interview post brought many Indian bloggers to my blog. India has a large number of wonderful bloggers and most of them have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers.

Check out the Alexa traffic stats of most sites and blogs, and you will find that among the top visitors by country under Audience Geography are Indians.

If you want to increase your blog Alexa rank fast, invite the Indian blogging community – you will see your Alexa ranking skyrocketing! I mean it! (You can ask Enstine!)

Two other important factors that affect your site’s Alexa ranking are:

I’ve two examples to demonstrate the effect of these two factors.

If you remember my earlier post on increasing site speed, the site speed of Aha!NOW that time was pretty good.

However, recently my blog load time increased because of the new community features that I added.

Probably this dissuaded many visitors to not view many pages and turn away from the blog.

My husband Vinay, performed site speed increasing operations on the blog on Aug 1, and you can see the effect on the page views of the blog thereafter.

This clearly shows that your site speed IS related to your site’s page views, and hence your blog’s Alexa ranking. The more the site load times, less will be the site page views, and vice-versa.

Let’s take a long shot. Viewing this will give you a better idea of how the page speed affects the page views.

So, maybe it was mainly the heavy site load times that caused my blog Alexa rank to drop.

The fluctuation in your site’s Alexa page views also affects the Alexa rank.

Many sites break the articles into various pages for this purpose. The pagination increases the page views if the visitor were to read the article.

Am I missing any other important Alexa rank affecting factor?

As per Alexa, “Reach” measures the number of users. Reach is typically expressed as the percentage of all Internet users who visit a given site.

To increase your reach, you need to explore new frontiers of audience. You need to break into new blogging circles, or tap new country or region readership, or altogether have more and more of people visiting your blog or website.

You can achieve this aim by at least doing this three things:

  • Extensive Social Media Promotion
  • Developing New Relationships
  • Writing Viral and Useful Content
I’m sure you all agree with the above and have many more ideas in your mind as you read this. Please share them in the comments.

Do you want to learn more from my experiments with Alexa? I’ve some strange incidents to share with you. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE: What Caused My Blog Alexa Ranking to Drop.


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