What Caused My Blog Alexa Ranking to Drop

 What Caused My Blog Alexa Ranking to Drop

Why did this happen? Why did my blog Alexa rank decrease?

The number of my regular blog visitors decreased since I was not posting anything new on the blog.

I was not socially promoting the blog, so there were not many new referral and social visits.

The number of bloggers or site owners visiting my blog decreased. As a result, the there was a decrease in the ranking criteria of Alexa, that is, the number of daily visitors and daily pageviews.

That’s right, Alexa takes into account the number of unique visitors and pageviews when determining the site ranking.

Okay. So far so good, and all of this I was expecting. Nevertheless, this time I was determined to take a REAL blogging break and I am glad I did!

What Caused My Blog Alexa Ranking to Drop
Why Didn’t My Blog’s Alexa Rank Increase
Like anybody else, I thought that when I start posting regularly and actively promote the posts, my blog Alexa rank would increase.

It did, but only slightly. The Alexa rank then began to gradually decline. Why did this happen?

As all of you know, I had made a few changes to my blog, and as per that, there could be possibly be two reasons to cause this decline: I removed CommentLuv plugin to experiment with other commenting systems. That’s the reason many bloggers with the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers stopped visiting my blog to comment.

My blog speed got slower due to the heavy load of the new community features of BuddyPress and BBPress.

Honestly, I did not expect such a drop in the visits from bloggers to Aha!NOW.

Nevertheless, I’m glad that I experimented removing CommentLuv as I could now distinguish between my loyal blog readers and the link droppers (though I still give out links in many other better ways through the community features!).

However, I do not blame those bloggers entirely who stopped visiting my blog because they were doing what they learned to do.

They are taught that the CommentLuv links could get them huge traffic to their blogs, and this is what the new bloggers tend to learn as the best way to get traffic.

Therefore, they religiously follow the “link dropping” culture, instead of developing real “relationships” with fellow bloggers or the blog owners.

No doubt, CommentLuv helps get traffic and promote your posts too, and I recommended it to the newbie bloggers as well as the seasoned ones, but that does not get you loads of traffic.

However, that’s another story you will know when I write about my commenting system experiment.

Coming back to solving the puzzle of my blog’s drop in Alexa rank, I discovered a few new things.

I studied my Google Analytics stats and found an increase in my site stats after the blogging break, in comparison to the site stats before the break.

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