Some Strange Factors that Affected my Blog’s Alexa Rank

Accidentally I experienced and witnessed two separate incidents that changed my blog’s Alexa ranking and page views.

The image below shows the complete duration of my blogging break and the behavior of Alexa ranking during that period.

There was a period of about one week during my summer break, when I had put the blog on maintenance to test out some of the new community features that I was planning to add to my blog.

These were BuddyPress and BBPress plugins that add community activity, groups, and forums for enhanced engagement of visitors.

To test out the features, I used a plugin that created a dummy data, users, and activities on my blog.

To my surprise, my blog Alexa rank increased during this trial period even when there were no visitors to my blog!

This not only fooled my Alexa ranking, but even inflated my Google Analytics stats.

The dummy activity on my blog increased the Average time session duration, pages per session, pageviews, and even reduced the bounce rate on my Google Analytics.

This shows that you must really exclude your own site from the Google Analytics tracking to get the accurate site stats. I wonder how many bloggers really do that!

Also, it proves that it is easy to manipulate Alexa ranking.

I’ve read that some people use proxy server’s to create more unique visitors and pageviews for their site.

Some people even go to the extent of buying Alexa visitors for their targeted country to strengthen their candidature for advertisers of that country!

Another incident that gave me sleepless nights and loads of worries was when I agreed to install an ad script on my blog given to me by a media agency, which promised that it’s ads will give more revenue than Google Adsense.

When you look at this image below, you will know what exactly happened.

See how sharply your Alexa rank can fall by just adding a simple script! Same way, some people use the black hat techniques and scripts to make the Alexa rise unnaturally.

Now, good bloggers should consider that a taboo – no malpractice. Don’t be fake, be real!

From this incident, I learned a lesson never to install any unknown and unreliable external script on my blog.

Many media agencies keep approaching me to test their ads, luring me with better revenue promises, but I straightforwardly refuse them now.

Your site Alexa rank keeps fluctuating depending upon the activities on your site as well as the algorithmic changes of Google and Alexa.

Below you can see the ups and downs of Alexa rank of Aha!NOW for the past one year.

I hope by now you know the reasons for the ups and down of Alexa ranking that you experience on your blog.

Moreover, you also know the ways to increase your site’s Alexa rank I hope I’m successful in lowering your worries about the decrease in your blog Alexa ranking.

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