WordPress vs. Blogger

Bloggers were often referred to as geeks who wasted their time writing their thoughts and rants on an online journal, but over time bloggers have out grown the typical stereotype and are now well respected, thanks to many great reviewers, authors, and journalists, whom all uses the internet and social networking to spread their news, articles, etc. to millions of readers across the globe. 

Thanks to WordPress and Blogger anybody can create their own blog on any topic or theme of their choosing. Corporations and major publishers are now using blogs to help market their products. These are not just professional blogs; the companies are looking for the average blogger to help market their products to specific readers. There are blogs aimed at book lovers, parenting, kids’ toys, political agendas, quilting, cooking, movie news, music releases, and basically anything your imagination can possibly come up with!

WordPress vs. Blogger
WordPress vs. Blogger
For any new blogger, you probably have asked yourself, “Which is better WordPress or Blogger?”

That is exactly the question I asked myself when I first started blogging over four years ago. My small book group was deleted after MSN eliminated all of their social groups; therefore, I thought I would start blogging about my love for reading. I heard great things about WordPress, so I created a blog on wordpress.com, which was simple at first glance, but it became a pain to maintain. I wasn’t allowed to use a simple widget from Goodreads or Shelfari to display my current reads. I also didn’t like the layouts. Within a few months, I switched over to blogger and I couldn’t be any happier as I can now use as many widgets as I need.
Both WordPress sites are meant for professional or die-hard bloggers, who want a more magazine type blog. For wordpress.org you have to download the WordPress platform software to create your blog, but unlike WordPress.com where you get a free blog (though you can buy your own domain), you have to find a web host, like NamesCheap, GoDaddy or Blue Host, to host your blog, and that costs money.

I prefer to use blogger for my blogging needs, but that is just me; everyone is different and they must make their own decision on what is the best blogging program to use. This blog is a WordPress.org site. She uses it because it has so many plugins and options and is very customizable and popular. Most serious bloggers end up on WordPress eventually, but not all. So it depends on what you’re looking for…

Here are few great things about each platform:

  • Free .blogspot.com domain
  • Upgrade for your own domain on blogger or you can redirect your blog to your new domain that is hosted somewhere else
  • Easy to use
  • Customize your own template
  • Uses Widgets
  • Uses Google Ads
  • Great security
  • Easily connects your blog to Youtube or Google+

  • Easy to use
  • Free hosting (You get a free wordpress.com domain, though you can upgrade.)
  • Themes & Templates (There are many free themes & templates to customize your blog.)
  • Free Plugins

  • Self hosted blog
  • A professional look
  • Many plugins
  • Customize your blog anyway you want it


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