How To Set And Achieve Your Blogging Goals

Some people say that blogging is the new black, others claim that content marketing is one of the top online marketing trends. 

As a blogging newbie, it is very tempting to get swept away with the excitement. But before you launch in, I’d encourage you to stop and consider why you want to blog?

Believe me this activity alone can save you a lot of heartache later on.

Blogging has so many different aspects to it that it is very easy to start off down one path only to end up somewhere else.
How To Set And Achieve Your Blogging Goals
Your reasons for blogging are personal to you so you need to get clear on your motivations as these will influence what you need to do each day to achieve your goals. Your goals will also help you maintain your motivation levels on days when you’d rather throw in the towel. I’ve listed a few ideas below to get you started but your reasons may be different or a combination of one or more of them.

What Do You Want To Get Out Of Blogging?

#1 Blogging Is Your Passion: Many bloggers start out blogging because they love to write.  Blogging is a way for them to express their ideas and share them with the world. They are passionate about the activity and may not even realize until much later on that their hobby can generate an income for them. When they do, their goals often change. Now there’s nothing wrong with this but you need to understand that as your goals shift, so too must your practices.

#2 Blogging For An Income: Other people start out with the intention of making money through blogging. They may want to earn a part-time income that removes some of the financial pressure they are under, or gives them more disposable income at the end of the month to spend on themselves or loved ones. Maybe you fall into this group? There is no right or wrong when it comes to blogging and it’s perfectly ok to want to earn money from it. You just need to implement a definite plan of action in place if you want to succeed.

#3 Blogging For Your Business: Blogging is a powerful strategy for businesses as it can help them establish their reputation, build authority in their industry and connect with their customers.

Unlike traditional static websites, the communication is not just one-way. Your visitors can open a dialogue with you directly by leaving comments at the end of each blog post. This in turn lets you discover your readers’ needs so you can serve them better. As your blog visitors see you engaging with your audience, more will follow suit and it will become far easier to convert them into paying customers down the road.

Full-time blogging or blogging for your business calls for a much more dedicated, disciplined and consistent approach. If you fall into this category then your daily, weekly and monthly actions will be different to the more casual blogger.

What Can Help You Achieve Your Blogging Goals?
Depending on your reasons for blogging, the activities required to achieve them will vary from person to person. But if monetization is part of your end Blogging Goals then this calls for focused and smart action especially if you are holding down a day job. There’s no shame in this. In fact many influential bloggers started out this way.

You may only be able to spare 1 hour a day before you go to work or when you return in the evening but you need to make it count. That one hour a day must be mega-productive if you want to succeed.

Blogging Is More Than Writing Posts
In order to take your blogging to the next level, you are going to have to become very comfortable with learning. And I don’t mean just writing or finding your “voice” which does take time to master. I am referring to all the other things associated with building a business online such as:
Unless you outsource some of these activities, blogging correctly involves educating yourself on good, sound business and marketing practices. You also need to be following the most influential bloggers in your niche. A good place to start is with these three top bloggers.

So if you hate learning or are looking for quick wins then blogging is probably not the best option.

I don’t mean to put you off. But I believe there is a lot of hype in the Internet marketing industry that suggests that you can build a blog, automate everything and make millions in no time at all.

Many sensible people have been duped into believing that blogging is the easy road to riches and very little work is required.

Successful Blogging Takes Work: Blogging can bring significant financial rewards when it is done correctly but you need to treat it like a business.

In his excellent blog, Jeff Bullas reveals that only 4% of the influential bloggers you read about make over $100,000 a year. The majority don’t make a penny.

Why is this?
I believe these surprising stats have a lot to do with intention, action and focus.

Setting goals at the outset, taking relevant actions and evaluating your progress along the way are the only true ways to succeed at blogging. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you do not establish solid goals for your blog then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Make sure you are clear on what you need to do each day to get closer to your final destination. Otherwise you could end up spinning your wheels.

Start With The End in Mind
Many people find it helpful to start with their big goals. These are things that you would like to have, be and achieve but you realize that they will not happen overnight. Earning a full-time income from your blog could fall into this category.  Starting with the end in mind has another valuable purpose.

As you start to formulate your long-term goals, you become excited and energized. You start to imagine your life, your business, your blog as you want it to be, not how it is right now.

This energy is what you need to tap into on a daily basis to keep you focused and motivated. A vision board can help you here.

Defining your long- term goals will help bring your short-range goals into view. These are the things you want to achieve with your blog over the next few weeks and months and could include anything from increasing the number of subscribers within 6 months to ranking higher in the search engines.

Be as specific as possible and then list the actions you need to perform to achieve those results.

Is it guest-blogging? Should you publish content to your own blog more frequently, say 3 times a week instead of once a week? How could you turbo-charge your social media strategy for more exposure?

Whatever it is, you will find it much easier to measure your progress if you know where you’re heading and the steps along the way. Taking stock regularly will also help you stay on track.


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